How general contractors can win with blogs


In modern construction, a digital presence is a simple way for a potential customer to feel comfortable with an entrepreneur’s specialty. This matching scenario becomes difficult when there are countless resources that provide the exact service listed in a search engine output. With no budget for advertising campaigns and paid assessment opportunities, many subcontractors feel powerless in the vast ocean of large pay-to-play companies. Fortunately, there are options. Enter the blog.

You’ve probably already known the most popular search engine, Google. Although algorithms frequently react to updates on how algorithms respond to users’ keywords, it is not far off to exploit Google’s rankings by economic means. In reality, it is a fairly solid game changer for entrepreneurs who want to implement the right tools.


Through the strategic use of keywords and the diversity of blogs, contractors can strengthen their leadership while improving their positioning on Google. They become visible to potential customers before the competition. To use both Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the use of keywords for site copying, the blog is a great way to gain visibility while creating content for the social channels of your business.

Given the significant investments that construction currently makes for today’s homeowners, it is important to trust the credibility and reputation of a reliable entrepreneur. Blogging is an easy way to do it without throwing information into the throat of a potential customer.

A contractor can use several free Google resources to understand the keywords that lead users to his site, in order to complete the development of a blog for SEO optimization purposes. Tools such as Google Analytics allow users to review competition data, identify traffic sources and determine user behavior on a website.

Activities such as blogs allow a significant increase in the volume of interactions – increasing traffic, strengthening the recognition of keywords and improving search rankings.


Here you can connect with difficult dollars. By creating a framework to measure business objectives related to online tactics with key performance indicators, conversions become reality. Through practice and attention to user interactions, a blog is a great way to leverage a website to generate impressions from informed and involved users. The control of the areas that attract your audience allows you to more easily reach the goal you are setting, whether it is to direct traffic to a landing page for downloading brochures or to fill out a “Contact” form. we”.

As you develop your blog capacity and strategy, blog opportunities with guests and content collaboration become other ways to increase the reach of your digital presence and possibly derive it from it. Back links (by placing a link on another website that points to your website) with good quality and measurable number of points of sale can eventually create a different link profile to allow the site to be positively perceived by search engines. These backlinks can live in the biography of a guest blog, print content, posts on social media, advertisements and other channels that can strengthen a digital presence without being at the “spam” level.


Publishing blogs two or three times a week, general contractor and construction manager JH Greene & Son made a name for himself in a highly saturated construction market on the central Atlantic coast. Looking at the above tactics, many entrepreneurs looking for a local resource were able to find the best option and find JH Greene among a vast pool of competitors. At least one new opportunity a month is presented to customers who have reported discovering the JH Greene team through a Google search.



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